Won’t You Be My POSSLQ?

When Husband first moved in with me (he was called John then; now even my friends have started calling him Husband), we struggled for a bit to come up with a good word to describe our relationship and each other. 

At 50 years old, “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” seemed… dumb.  “Partner” was too harsh.  “Fiance” was okay but it just seemed too contrived – yes, of course we were getting married (it was always understood, even before we talked about it).

Then I remembered!!  Of course!  The U.S. Census Bureau had created exactly the right term several decades ago.  And some hacks had even written some poems about it, as in:

Roses are red, Violets are Blue, Won’t You Be, My POSSLQ?

Persons of Opposite Sex, Same (or Sharing) Living Quarters…. POSSLQ!

There’s a longer poem, ripped off from John Dunne’s “The Bait”, which starts with “Come live with me and be my love…”.   You can easily google it or find it on our Facebook Fan Page “Soul-Mate Marriage”.

After playing around with it, Soon-To-Be-Husband and I decided POSSLQ didn’t quite cut it for us.  Any two people could be POSSLQs, and not have nearly the level of commitment to one another as we did.

So we made up our own: Partner for Life, or PFL (pronounced “Piffle”).

Piffle only lasted a year or so, but during that time it worked for us.

All in all, though, we much prefer Husband and Wife.

Soul-Mate Marriages is saddened by the high rate of divorce in the U.S., with even fewer second marriages succeeding.  We recognize the reasons are complicated but believe the trend can be reversed with trust and hard work. 

Neither of us is a relationship saint, but our marriage, the 2nd for both of us, has brought more joy, satisfaction, and peace than we could have imagined. 

We hope our insights will be helpful.  http://www.facebook.com/soulmatemarriage.