When the Ex Feels Entitled

Watch out for fraud! And monitor your credit record!

Seventeen months ago, my husband was served papers claiming he had reneged on paying a credit card – one that he knew nothing about. When he checked his credit record, sure enough, the card showed up on there. The balance in 2006 was zero, but after that had been run up to its $14K limit, then no more payments were made.

He and I chased down the lawyer in the case and demanded proof that John had actually taken out this card. The lawyer – who was a really smarmy dude – refused to provide it, saying he didn’t have to. In January, the case went to court, and John again asked for proof, which the Judge told the lawyer he had to provide.

— The lawyer – a Randall Pratt – did not do well by the judge, who was not amused by the fact that Mr Pratt a) did not show up for the case, b) called in 15 minutes late, c) professed that he’d already sent John the information, d) when told by the Judge that he had to provide the information said he didn’t have to “jump through hoops”, at which point the Judge said, I thought you said you’d already provided the info, and e) then told the Judge that he wasn’t sure because his computer wasn’t working….

— This same lawyer had previously yelled at me, and condescendingly stated my husband was lying to me and I didn’t know what I was talking about… a very nasty creature. Beware, but if you ever have to deal with him, be assured that apparently he’s not very good at his job, so stand tall and stay firm.

When the “proof” came in, it was clear that the card had been taken out fraudulently by someone who knew John’s social security number, and who had forged his signature (there was no attempt to disguise the handwriting and it was readily apparent to even a casual observer who the forger was). Even more proof was that all of the bills had gone to an address John had not lived at since 2006.

It was all clear evidence that this was not John’s responsibility and that fraud had been committed against him, and finally, last week the Judge threw the case out… 17 months after he was first served with the lawsuit.

Unfortunately, even though we have proof of who the person is, and even though this is not the first time such has happened with this individual, there’s little we can do about it. Oh, legally, yes.. we do have a right to pursue the issue and we would easily win. I think the amount of this fraud is big enough that it’s punishable with jail time, too.

Sometimes, however, keeping the peace and taking the high road is the better course of valor. So my husband is doing the right thing and keeping silent about the situation, although I’m so disgusted it wouldn’t take much for me to start naming names, and expose this individual for the piece of tripe s/he is. (And since this is a marriage/relationships blog, I know my readers will easily figure out who I’m talking about.)

It’s a good lesson though… monitor your credit report!

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