What’s LOVE Got To Do With It? Everything!

A column in today’s newspaper entitled “What’s LOVE Got To Do With It?” describes a survey by Prince & Associates, a firm that polled 1,134 people in the U.S. and determined that two-thirds would “marry an average-looking person they liked if they had money”… in the ballpark of $1.5 million.

Well, I’m happy to say that my husband is in the minority.

We were 7th grade sweethearts; a short-lived but sweet young romance, and broke up after a few months without any major—or even minor—scarring.

 Thirty-seven years later, while in the process of extricating ourselves from unhappy marriages, we serendipitously ran into each other on an airplane—I’d missed my flight and was rerouted onto his, and into the very last seat on the plane, directly behind John.

The connection was immediate, although it took us nearly 18 months of e-mailing and instant messaging to get our acts together; in part because I was CEO of an $8.5 million company and had significant real estate investments.

At first John was concerned, because despite a well-respected career as a civilian subcontractor for the Navy (he was known all over the world for his work), he didn’t think he could match my success.

Once we worked that out, our relationship was able to move to the next step… meaning he moved in with me.

The next hurdle was his belief that people would think he was only interested in me for the money. He wanted to marry me, but for some reason the timing wasn’t ever “right”.

A little over a year after he moved in, my business crashed and burned, a victim of treachery from within and politics from without.

Suddenly, I no longer had any money, and in fact my personal net worth was in the negative numbers. It will take me a very long time to dig out of the financial crater I’m in.

A year after the company imploded, John and I got married.

Although the loss of my company devastated me and our finances, the reality is that I know one thing beyond a shadow of any doubt. My husband loves me—and it’s not for the money.

Soul-Mate Marriages is saddened by the high rate of divorce in the U.S., with even fewer second marriages succeeding.  We recognize the reasons are complicated but believe the trend can be reversed with trust and hard work. 

Neither of us is a relationship saint, but our marriage, the 2nd for both of us, has brought more joy, satisfaction, and peace than we could have imagined. 

We hope our insights will be helpful.  http://www.facebook.com/soulmatemarriage.

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